Potter’s Daughter – ‘We Could Be’

In Potter’s Daughter’s new single, ‘We Could Be’, Dyanne Potter Voegtlin sings, “we could be so much better than this”, and in light of the current world crisis, we know exactly what she means.

The music video which accompanies the song, from the band’s latest set, ‘Casually Containing Rage’, makes the point perfectly clear as well – especially for those in the US, who know all too well that things aren’t entirely up to scratch in the land of the free, and certainly don’t stand up too well against the ideals of equality and fair treatment, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Voegtlin and her bandmates are rising up and making their voices heard.

Even the name of their label, Melodic Revolution, shows where Potter’s Daughter make their stand. Voegtlin demands that the authorities behave ethically; she’s thrown her support and talent behind causes such as Black Lives Matter, and other social justice movements, including immigration reform. ‘We Could Be’ sees the group back up these sentiments, and their music is at once both magnificent and soothing; hopeful, yet yearning; beautiful, and peaceful, yet with a strong central core. Voegtlin’s voice is a prayer for a better tomorrow, but at the same time it is one of conviction, from a woman who won’t back down from the struggle that is living in the USA today.

Based in Virginia, Potter’s Daughter have been impressing fans for years with their uncompromising sound, which is a blend of jazz pop, folk, and sophisticated prog. The music video for ‘We Could Be’, directed by Serena Elisabeth Kunzler, amplifies both the song’s warmth and it’s underlying message of hope. We see the painting of Black Lives Matter murals; dancing in the streets during protests, and homemade signs, with everyday people declaring their hopes and desires. But the filmmaker also reminds us of the people through no fault of their own have inadvertently become famous during this crisis: Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and sadly many more, who have been killed by police, without access to a fair trial. Potter’s Daughter never once forget that their struggle is for peace, justice, and an American way that lives up to its promises.

Find Potter’s Daughter online on their official website.

Potter's Daughter - We Could Be (Official Video)

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