Joey Phantom – ‘Joint and a Juicebox’

Joey Phantom might be from Louisville, but you won’t see him sipping a mint julep any time soon. His tipple of choice lives in a shoebox below his bed, as he tells us in his new single, ‘Joint And A Juicebox’.

Joey’s not yet set the hip hop world on fire, but give him time. His new single is just the latest in a fine run of bangers, which included the head turners ‘Summertime’, and ‘Killin Shit Again’.

The track is old skool, telling a day in the life narrative, sharing how little in life he takes seriously. Produced by Grammy nominee Illuid Haller, and mixed by Goods Producer, and Jay Bump, ‘Joint And A Juicebox’ opens up with a slow finger-snapping groove, accompanied by a mellow orgain. The slightly off-kilter melody gives it an other-worldly feel, but there’s good vibes all round, as we’re encouraged to enjoy the day. Joey shares what we’re all feeling deep down – we don’t want to grow up, but we don’t exactly want to be kids forever either.

The music video for ‘Joint And A Juicebox’ is just as fun as the song. It’s 82 degrees in Louisville, just another day there. Joey’s heading out on the streets to handle his business, where he passes his substance of choice to a tiny, animated, wizard in a pizza hat. Yep. Next he’s at home, going past sexy aliens, goblins having a party, among other trippy creatures. All are courtesy of Tahj Mullins, who is best known as author and illustrator of the children’s book, ‘There’s A Moose On The Loose’. Joey is joined by his crew on the roof, where they spend the day enjoying the consumables in the title. The phone rings: Joey snaps out of it. Seems the whole thing has been a hallucination, down to some definitely killer weed.

Watch the very unusual clip for ‘Joint And A Juicebox’ by Joey Phantom. You can find out more about Joey and his music online on his Twitter account.

Joey Phantom - JOINT AND A JUICEBOX (Official Music Video)

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