Head Fake – ‘Sucker For Your Ways’ 

With a sound that reminds us of the early 70s – the likes of Baby Huey and Isaac Hayes spring to mind – Head Fake step away from their usual neo-80s vibe in their latest single, ‘Sucker For Your Ways’.

The band remain as mysterious as ever; taking their name from the sporting practice of deceiving an opponent with how you intend to move, or take an action; in their music Head Fake’s deception is in the way they maintain a similar style for each release, while extracting as much variety as they possibly can. All the members of the band come from different musical styles, so while we may be surprised at the moves they take, we really should have come to expect it by now.

‘Sucker For Your Ways’ takes a deep look at how we are completely sucked in by someone we love; we’re pulled in hard and fast, like as if in a rip tide, or a strong current. Blending guitars, synths, and trumpets in the introduction, they draw us in, and we are powerless to resist. Once they hit the chorus we are like putty in their hands, and the melody takes firm root in our heads, earwormingly. It’s impossible to resist: we must dance, or at least sing, along to the track. The concomitant video does likewise, with Head Fake allowing it to speak as much as the music, with a driven emotion that sees the two protagonists demonstrate their feelings in dance. We see them intertwined, and then separated; in sync, yet not coming from the same place. In four minutes and four verses they capture a seemingly never-ending sequence of chase and escape, escape and chase, in a relationship that appears to have no future. At one stage the girl leaves while the guy illustrates his frustration in a very physical way, contorting on the floor. As much as they split up, going separate ways in the end, we know they will come back together regardless. The connection is too deep, as much as they know they’re not good for each other.

Watch the video for ‘Sucker For Your Ways’ below. You can find out more about Head Fake online on the band’s official website.

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