GS11 – ‘Bunkin”

North Carolina’s GS11 shows who’s in charge with his latest single, ‘Bunkin”.

GS11 sees his role in hip hop as being the biggest and boldest around, and getting the crowd up and jumping when he flexes his street cred and the flashes the cash to back it up. He’s been doing it for 15 years now, and has never stopped bringing it for his fans.

Following on from the highly acclaimed ‘Gastronaut’, which was produced by Lavae McClinnahan of Diamonds, and Blo for 11 Grooves, GS11 is back with ‘Bunkin”. It shows him for the badass he is and is all about the kind of guy he is – one who isn’t afraid to get his hands into the action and be at the head of every operation, putting in the hours to ensure he and his crew are at the top of their game. ‘Bunkin” even shows off some of GS11’s home state pride, with references to the Hornets, and Panthers, as examples of his quest to be the best of the best.

He’s a hustler alright, and the video for ‘Bunkin” doesn’t shy away from showing that. We see GS11 at the head of a covert operation, whereby he shows he’s got the drive to get the job done, with his “no sleep” mentality, and regardless of the consequences. Directed by Troy Carlton, of Crane House Films, we first see GS11 as he drives up to a warehouse behind the wheel of a white Maserati – of course. A mysterious man emerges from the warehouse, bearing a briefcase, from which he pulls out a huge wad of cash, passing it on to GS11. Our man takes it, and calls his crew to box up an item. It’s all done on the downlow, apart from the fact of GS11 being in charge and calling the shots.

Watch the video for ‘Bunkin” below. You can find GS11 online on InstagramInstagram.

GS11 - Bunkin' (Official Video)

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