Big Lou – ‘Redemption’ 

Camden New Jersey native Big Lou had everything torn out from beneath him, but he has big dreams and even bigger ambitions to get it up and higher than he ever was before.

Music was always Big Lou’s safety net, and his way of forgetting the rough environment in the streets outside. He jumped into the deep end with his music and hustled to get his name out there. The people he was networking with however were not the right ones; they ended up betraying him, and consequently causing him years of disruption to his career. He weathered the storm however and has come back even stronger.

Big Lou isn’t just a rapper – he’s a music fan, appreciating all aspects of it and drawing influence from many different genres, with inspiration from the likes of Van Halen, and Duran Duran. Among his accolades, Big Lou has 6 wins from the Underground Music Awards, and has collaborated with artists including Bruno Mars, and Busta Rhymes. Additionally, he’s a full-time CEO of the Lost City Nation label.

In his new single, ‘Redemption’, Big Lou gets straight to the point, and exposes the flaws of the music industry – a brave move if it’s one you want to succeed in. The trials and tribulations he faced tested his patience and commitment, but ‘Redemption’ is a commemoration of his second commencement – his rebirth if you will – in the music industry. Through the accompanying music video, we get a glimpse behind the glamorous curtain of  the music business. We see an endless parade of musicians as they surrender to the vultures of music, and watch with Big Lou, in the shadows, staying hidden until he can take it no more. He needs to intervene. It’s a sobering clip, and it goes all the way through the music business, as we’ve seen only yesterday with Kanye West exposing the injustices in his recording contracts. Big Lou knows that he’s not the only one who’s been affected; he also knows how important it is to lend a helping hand to those others who are caught in the trap, and feel they have no way of overcoming.

Watch ‘Redemption’. Find Big Lou online on Facebook.

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Big Lou - Redemption (Official Music Video)

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