aliensdontringdoorbells Announce Their ‘Arrival’

Aliensdontringdoorbells is a name which is turning heads all over the music industry – and not just because the name is awesome.

The unique blend of folk, rock, pop and more comes from a trio of lads whose hometowns span the globe. The diverse locations and genres make for truly captivating sounds, as demonstrated in debut single ‘Story’, which has already gained an impressive 52,000 Spotify streams. Follow ups ‘Consummation’ and ‘It’s Your Night’ show off the band’s heavier and softer sides, respectively – which they pull off with ease.

It’s an exciting prospect to expect a full album from this trio of rockers who are only just getting started, and who have so much still to prove.

‘Arrival’ drops on the 2nd October 2020.

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