President Street Reveals The Stunning Visual For ‘Something To Believe’

President Street is a music duo, formed by Australian Pete Moses because of his love of music production. Through extensive world touring and a steady output of material they have been able to build a following and boost their profile.

Out of the ashes of a cancelled tour of Japan due to Covid-19, President Street have released their new single ‘Something To Believe’ to the masses and have enlisted renowned producer Ash Howes to produce the track. 

Opening with vocalist Ruby and her soft acapella introduction, ‘Something To Believe’ is an easy on the ear song as the electronic-pop tones swirl around Ruby’s melodic vocal like a magical pairing such as salt and vinegar, ham and cheese or honey and lemon.

The tune is inspired by a toxic relationship and how a person feels like a weight has been lifted of their shoulders once they take themselves out of the situation. Feelings of anxiety and sadness become ones of defiance and hope – something which seems quite apt at this current time. The accompanying video, filmed in lockdown, is truly something to behold. Shot on an iPhone, the video is nevertheless impressive and uses the metaphor of black-and-white versus colour to depict the weight lifted when finally coming out from under the thumb of a toxic relationship.

Overall, ‘Something To Believe’ is a powerful pop anthem for these weird times with slick production and beautiful vocals not to mention a universal message of optimism. 

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