James Bourne Announces Release Of Debut Solo Album, ‘Safe Journey Home’

Set for release on October 23, ‘Safe Journey Home’ is the debut album from James Bourne, best known as the rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, and co-vocalist from Busted, and lead singer of Son Of Dork. The album is preceded by the single, ‘Everyone Is My Friend’, and the lyric video can be seen here.

James Bourne’s journey through music has taken him from conquering arenas with Busted to writing hits for everyone from McFly to the Jonas Brothers and 5 Seconds of Summer. It has made him one of the most successful songwriters of his generation, with five #1 hits and countless Top 10 singles.

Having just shared his debut solo single ‘Everyone Is My Friend’, James Bourne now shares the official lyric video for the new single whilst also confirming details of his debut album ‘Safe Journey Home’. It will be released on October 23rd via his own Bad Apple label in conjunction with ADA.

‘Safe Journey Home’ is a celebration of the classic songcraft. It echoes the timeless songwriting of the Laurel Canyon scene through to modern alternative rock. At times you can hear a country twang flavoured by his time spent in Nashville, at others lyrical references to NYC and LA.  In short, it’s a globe-trotting, multi-genre experience that feels right at home in 2020 while also reflecting some of the great music of the past half-a-century. It’s a culmination of experiences from a man who is most at home when he plugs his guitar into an amp.

“Music has given so much and it’s been a very natural way of life for me,” he explains. “There have been times when Busted weren’t killing it in arenas and in everyone’s face, but I was still making a living from my songs. I enjoy making music and writing songs. Now  I’m doing the same thing I do in Busted, I’m just doing it without Busted.”

Bourne had intended to release a solo album for years. In fact, the first solo songs he wrote ended up featuring on the McBusted album back in 2014. Bourne and his old friend, producer John Fields (Jimmy Eat World, Selena Gomez), co-wrote all ten of the album’s songs, and were joined on three tracks by the veteran hitmaker Stephen Bishop (whose countless hits include Phil Collins’ Oscar-nominated ‘Separate Lives’). And once the songs were ready, Bourne and Fields recorded the album alone during a week at Creation Audio in Minneapolis.

The album’s title track tackles one of the record’s recurring themes: where is home?

“That’s different for everyone,” says Bourne, “but for me there’s always been an element of not knowing. I’ve got this Transatlantic existence where I’m always going somewhere to do something. I can adapt and adjust.”

The album sleeve was designed by renown Los Angeles artist, graphic designer and owner of La-La Land Gallery Kii Arens.

If you’ve appreciated Bourne’s songwriting flair in any of his other projects or the timeless, laid-back vibe of ‘Everyone Is My Friend’, you’ll find plenty worth investigating here.

‘Safe Journey Home’ is now available to pre-order HERE. It will be released on streaming, download, CD and Limited Edition vinyl. Fans who pre-order the album will receive an instant download of ‘Everyone Is My Friend’.

‘Safe Journey Home’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Everyone Is My Friend’
  2. ‘Drive’
  3. ‘Unknown’
  4. ‘These Streets Know Me Well’
  5. ‘Language’
  6. ‘The Beatles’
  7. ‘Batman’s House’
  8. ‘Time Kills Us All’
  9. ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’
  10. ‘Safe Journey Home’

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