Devinn Le’Raay – ‘Gas U Up’ And ‘Still Luv Me’

St Louis native Devinn Le’Raay is as smooth as they come, and his music is the smoothest of smooth RnB. Discovering his passion for singing as a young boy in Church, he was distracted from it by baseball during high school, fatherhood, and a tour of duty in Afghanistan. On his return to the US however he rekindled his passion for music and has since released three EPs, and is currently signed with the label, Second Month Of Summer. Le’Raay has performed at local venues such as House Of Soul, and Blue Dine and Lounge, and has garnered more than 250K streams in over 70 countries. Come with us and jump on the Le’Raay train as we share his two latest music videos.

The music video for ‘Still Luv Me?’ sees Le’Raay accompanied by backing dancers Ashle Pegues and Caitlin Vasser, but it’s evident he’s missing someone else. The clip starts out with Le’Raay taking off to Los Angeles to contemplate the love he lost to another man, and doubting her feelings towards him. We see him contemplating the big city in gorgeous shots taken from above Hollywood, from a bridge on the Venice Canals, and inside the Griffith Park Tunnel. Dominating the beat with his smooth (there’s that word again) vocals, he’s quite sure in himself that his love is still into him, and as the sun sets in the way it only does in LA, the clip takes a darker turn. Le’Raay pulls his car up in a parking garage, and takes his gun down off the dash. He’s come to a decision…but what exactly?

Devinn Le'Raay - Still Luv Me? (Official Video)

Second video, ‘Gas U Up’, is the introduction track from Devinn Le’Raay’s EP, ‘No Breaks’. In another night time shot, Le’Raay is smoother than silk, singing straight from the heart, with stream of consciousness lyrics about the girl he’s in love with. He firmly believes he’s the perfect match for her, and this much is clear in the line, “I am the lane”, meaning, he ticks all her boxes. It’s short but sweet, and a gorgeous clip, which fades in and out on the city while always keeping laser focus on Le’Raay himself.

Devinn Le'Raay - Gas U Up (Official Visual)

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