Rachael Sage Drops Defiant And Vulnerable Album, ‘Character’

Opener ‘Blue Sky Days’ features a marching band drum beat combined with rich strings and purposeful piano from Sage, on a track which seems to have an overall message of defiance. Her vulnerability is on show for all to see on ‘Bravery’s On Fire’ which documents her personal journey whilst she battled with Uterine cancer. The lyrics are relatable to people who have gone through similar hardships and may be a real comfort for some people.

‘Both Hands’ includes some beautiful strings that create a Regency ballroom feel like a Jane Austen novel and her voice is breathy and easy on the ear. ‘Damaged’ begins with an electric guitar and a Wah-Wah pedal sound but the subject matter does make for a slight uneasy listen as she asks “Just how damaged are you?” However, it is hard to ascertain if she is asking herself the question or someone else, which does leave it up to the listener’s interpretation. The musicianship is showcased on this track and it has a real groove.

‘Ohio’ is the classic Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young number recorded and released in 1970 and it is still as relevant in 2020 as it was during its inception. The military drumming and sweeping piano is a gorgeous arrangement as she makes it her own version – a highlight. 

The acoustic guitar on ‘Cave’ has a textured sound and ‘When I Was Young’ hears Rachael in a reflective frame of mind with a Celtic-esque strings backing.

‘Open The Door’ deals with receiving a visit from friend and how important staying connected with people is, ‘Character’ seems to be the angriest of the cuts on this record as she sings “Hashtag I’m with her”. ‘Atmosphere’ has a touch of accordion – an instrument that is often overlooked in many artists’ sound palette. 

Closing track ‘Catch The Light’ is an emotive piece with the line “Calling all angels hovering around” and it almost seems like she is dealing with acceptance – which is commonly known as the final stage of grief.

In conclusion, ‘Character’ deals with several themes including bravery, overcoming adversity, reflection, and defiance. This album might resonate with people and actually help them during a difficult time in their life. If ‘Character’ can achieve that with even just one person then it has done its job. 

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