Looney Babie Ft. YFN Lucci – ‘Look At Me Now’ 

Rap, like every other genre of music, is a constantly evolving thing, and in order for artists to make a name for themselves that will see them remembered, they have to move with the times, they have to adapt, and they also have to live the lifestyle. Fans look most to those who truly know what struggle is, and who have had to work hard to get where they are. They can spot the posers a mile off.

Looney Babie is no poser. The Milwaukee lyricist has fought the good fight, enduring both the death of his mother and his own time in prison. But he’s picked himself up and dusted himself down, and is making something of himself, despite his past. He’s not averse to having some fun while he does it either, which has seen him gain a reputation for being one of the hardest working yet funniest rappers in the Milwaukee seen. His new single, ‘Look At Me Now’, featuring YFN Lucci, gives him the opportunity to tell his rags to riches story.

The song does exactly what it says on the tin – Looney Babie not only flaunts his success, but also fires a few shots at his haters, who’ve doubted how he’s risen to fame. The overall sound of the track is ambitious yet fun, with Looney Babie showing he’s got the money, and not to mention style, and is able to keep the party going. The track is a collab with Atlanta artist YFN Lucci, and their combined Midwest and Deep South talents allow fans to be exposed to a mash of the finest of rap culture.

The video for ‘Look At Me Now’ pays homage to classic themes often seen in rags to riches stories. It starts with Looney Babie as he once was, a loser in typical style, trying to avoid being attacked by the jocks and then ignored by the cheerleaders, as he goes about his business through the halls of his high school. But soon we see what he’s become: Looney Babie is next seen as the confident rap king, strutting through the halls, commanding the attention of everyone. The girls want him, and the guys want to be him. He’s gone from the loser kid to the success who owns every prize in the trophy cabinet.

Watch the video for ‘Look At Me Now’ below. You can find Looney Babie on Instagram.

Looney Babie - Look At Me Now ft. YFN Lucci [Official Video]

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