R.E.D. – ‘Orbiting’

RED logo copyrightThe spacey electronic synth artist R.E.D. has released a deeply emotional and powerful ambient synth track called ‘Orbiting’ with a video that has a strong yet vague message to enhance the passionate mood of the music. R.E.D. is the acronym for Ray Emitting Diodes whom chooses to remain anonymous and may live somewhere in space for all we know with a list of songs that feel like they were written from an orbiting satellite looking down on earth.

R.E.D. explains,
“When I create music my goal is to encourage the listener to use his/her imagination. I hope my music will take you to another world. Listen and enjoy.”
His single ‘Orbiting’ begins with open and spacious synth melodies that are accompanied by a minimal ambient percussion beat and passionate heartfelt lyrics that leave the imagination wandering.

The song’s instrumentation remains open, dark, and mysterious while the vocalist’s words seem to float in space around the sparse melodies of synth and guitar. Suddenly the song builds and brightens up as it reaches a rock style climax with synth melodies and layering which make for an excellent contrast to the beginning.  The video adds to the song’s emotion as it begins very dark with vague distant lights and then brightens and moves more steadily with increased images just as the music does.

R.E.D.’s ‘Orbiting’ has a sound and style reminiscent to early 70’s sci-fi synth music and later synth heavy Pink Floyd albums. For more music and info about R.E.D. and the single ‘Orbiting’ check out his Google+, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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