Taylor Castro Releases ‘Abyss’, Embarks On Virtual World Tour With Live Nation

‘Abyss’ is the latest release from Taylor Castro, who is currently broadcasting to countries all over the world in partnership with Live Nation. This virtual world tour is a brilliant example of the resilience of the music industry, proving that artists can and will find ways around the coronavirus pandemic to bring us music in whatever way possible!

In addition to this innovative way of performing, Taylor Castro has released ‘Abyss’, the latest track to be taken from her sophomore album, Girl Afraid, coming soon. It’s a brilliant track, which shows Castro truly possesses the intuitive and insightful talents to shoot straight to the head of the singer-songwriter pack. She interestingly shares talents with her namesake, the other Taylor (Swift) – making use of the storytelling tradition of country and folk music and translating it into a more mainstream pop hit. 

This song in particular sees Castro meditate on topics of toxic masculinity, mental health and platonic love with a wisdom beyond her modest years. The instrumentation remains bright and light-hearted throughout, allowing such important topics into the mainstream consciousness under the guise of a song set to be the hit of the summer. 

Watch the gorgeous video for ‘Abyss’ below!

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