Shiadanni – ‘Kitty Mama’ And ‘Turn On My Brain’

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, but currently based in Montreal, Canada, Shiadanni brings Mexican pop-rock sensibilities to the centre of the dream-pop revolution, and by incorporating a slinky blend of late-night RnB and moody hip-hop, she ensures her music has a world audience.

Shiadanni’s latest two releases, ‘Kitty Mama’, and ‘Turn On My Brain’, are sung in English (unlike her Mexican radio hit, ‘Tu Tristeza’, from 2016, or her ballad ‘Plumas’, released in 2017), yet still contain Latin undertones. She makes good use of synths, bass-heavy beats, and other percussive sonic textures, with the end result a sound that would work well on any radio playlist.

The music video for ‘Kitty Mama’ is somewhat provocative, set in an exclusive club, where the faces of the guests are covered. We do however get a glimpse of them from time to time, and although it’s impossible to know exactly what they’re thinking, they’re nonetheless alluring. The video was masterminded by Shiadanni herself, and has so far seen more than four hundred thousand views.

Watch the video for ‘Kitty Mama’ below:

SHIADANNI - KITTY MAMA (Official Music Video)

‘Kitty Mama’ conveys the idea that Shiadanni is up to something, and she makes no effort to dissipate that feeling in the clip for ‘Turn On My Brain’, which serves as both a sequel and an answer key to ‘Kitty Mama’. Shiadanni sits before a splendid feast, with a man she’s held captive. In one scene we see her walk, barefoot, across the table, causing us to wonder if she’s intending that she too, is part of the feast…or maybe she’s just trying to whet his appetite?

Watch ‘Turn On My Brain’:


You can find out more about the incredible Shiadanni online on her official website.

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