James Billett Has Just Dropped The Video For His Release, ‘Faith Over Family’ – And It’s Breathtaking.

The ‘Faith Over Family’ singer has orchestrated one of the most breathtaking music videos in recent years – and he appears nowhere in it!

The song tackles sensitive but important topics this Pride month – putting issues of homophobia out into the open and addressing them with the calm clarity of sadness, disappointment and frustration instead of unadulterated rage. The video is similarly understated and effective, depicting the same-sex love story against the magnificent expanse of the Icelandic landscape.

Stunning, dreamlike and heartfelt, the video reflects the song’s message of love above all else, with the scenes between the couple taking precedence over the hateful behaviour of those surrounding them.

You can watch the video below (C/W for homophobia) and follow James Billet on social media now to stay up to date on future releases!

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