Virtual Dinner Party Live With Britney Spears, Liam Payne, Paris Hilton & More Hosted Tonight By Chantel Jeffries To Celebrate Release Of New Single – Unique Celeb Partnership With DoorDash For Charity

Today, genre-busting producer, internationally renowned DJ, and artist Chantel Jeffries unveils a new single entitled ‘Come Back To Me’, featuring Shaylen. Chantel will host a virtual dinner party live with Britney Spears, Liam Payne, Paris Hilton and more tonight at 5PM PST to celebrate the release of the new single.

Get it HERE via 10:22 pm/ Republic Records.

Inspired by the messaging behind ‘Come Back To Me’, DoorDash launched a unique celebrity-driven campaign to bring audiences back to the basics with a virtual dinner party, which will exclusively air as a live premiere on YouTube, Thursday May 14th 5pm PST. You can watch it here:

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Chantel, and special guests including Liam Payne, Marshmello, Britney Spears, The Chainsmokers, Nicole Scherzinger, Jordan Clarkson, Travis Mills, Paris Hilton, Addison Rae and many more will come together for an evening of celebration, connection, and giving back to communities, which will also feature the first-ever live performance of ‘Come Back To Me’. DoorDash will donate meals to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America based on the amount of viewers that tune in.

“I always try to go into the studio with experiences I can draw inspiration from,” says Chantel, who produced and co-wrote this single. “I tend to pull from real life experiences when creating, whether it’s a relationship or a mood I’m feeling. The meaning behind the song has two parts—It’s about being in a relationship and realising that your partner has changed in a negative way, but it also calls for self-reflection. It challenges you to look at yourself to see how you’ve evolved and if you accept the person you are today.”

Shaylen adds,

“When Chantel and I got into a session together everything just clicked for this song. I cut this vocal in 25 minutes, and the energy of it just felt right. I like the meaning of this one a lot…On the one hand it deals with nostalgia and thinking that the older-version of someone was better, but on the other it’s saying that the old you is an illusion. There’s also a part of this song that is deeply personal and directed at myself. Like man…I liked parts of myself better back in the day. But the truth is the present moment is our best moment. It’s all a state of mind really.”

On the track, Shaylen soulfully delivers the song’s anthem, “I like the old you, better, better, better, come back to me.” As Chantel masterfully integrates a synthesizer, drum programming, and piano into this dynamic, up-tempo production.

“I listen to a variety of different genres, so I’m constantly finding elements of certain songs that I love and bringing them together to create my own unique sound,” says Chantel. It notably marks the first collaboration between these two fiery female forces. “This was a very collaborative process. We were constantly bouncing ideas off of each other and experimenting with different elements until we found what felt right,” says Chantel.

‘Come Back To Me’ follows on the heels of a string of hits for Chantel, including, ‘Wait’ [feat. Offset and VORY] (41.1 million Spotify streams), ‘Facts’ [feat. YG, Rich The Kid & BIA] (8.1 million Spotify streams), and ‘Chase The Summer’ [feat. Jeremih] (9 million Spotify streams), to name a few. Additionally, she has received looks from Rolling Stone, E! Online, Billboard, Complex, and more.

It also maintains Shaylen’s hot streak and follows her most recent anthem ‘Sprite’, which had Hollywood Life proclaiming, “For Shaylen, the sky’s the limit.” She will serve up more music very soon!

‘Come Back To Me’ is the ultimate feel-good, dance-pop record with all of the ingredients of a summer smash. Get ready for more!


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