Lila Blue – ‘The Dead’

Lila Blue is known for her folk and pop music, which she does on her own terms. Her latest single however, ‘The Dead’, steps away from those genres entirely – it’s a whole different creature altogether.

Something has been called out from the past, and it’s slowly stalking on this plane, crossing over from the domain of ghosts and spectres. The cello fittingly drones – tangible, not just audible; percussion sets the atmosphere rather than keeping the beat. Lila’s voice stands apart, carrying the song wherever it may want to go. It’s ethereal, otherworldly; bearing with it a yearning that feels as though it’s coming down through the ages.

In the video we see Lila laying in a rowboat, not on water, but on the shore. She is singing, not to anyone we can see – it’s as if she’s the last remaining person alive for miles around. The sunlight shines on her but in an eerie, cold fashion. Suddenly the boat starts to fill with water, but she continues to sing, perhaps welcoming whatever release it promises. The water continues to rise, as the sun sets. Lila is consumed by the water. The clip cuts now and again throughout to shots of her crossing over the fields, and the question is raised, is she travelling to her next life, or is she a wanderer, seeking her peace?

Lila Blue can be found online on her official website.

Lila Blue - "The Dead" (Official Video)

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