Eden Paige Spreads Positivity With New Single, ‘Save Me’

Eden Paige is still only 14 years old and yet she is probably more mature and self aware than adults twice or three times her age. An advocate for mental health awareness, the Canadian singer/songwriter spreads positivity and a powerful message with her songs, giving a voice to those who don’t think they have one.

Eden’s songs are relatable to those who are struggling, the compassion and empathy of her soul shining through. She took inspiration from the story of a friend who turned her pain into strength when she confessed her insecurities, and the unhealthy methods she was using to cope with them. In sharing with Eden, her friend took the hardest step, by reaching out and telling someone, and was on her way to healing. Through her debut single, ‘Save Me’, Eden Paige would like to similarly empower others, and encourage them to take that first step and reach out to others.

The music video for ‘Save Me’ addresses the pain of peer pressure, bullying, and other traumas that never truly go away. We see three high school teens, who by all appearances are fine and doing well, but inside they’re suffering. The corridors of the school are filled with the usual activity of young people going about their day, but behind the scenes there’s a whole other world. One girl finds that her private photos are shared with the entire school by her insistent “boyfriend”; a boy is assaulted because he kissed his partner in the locker room; and yet another boy is seen crying, as he purges the dinner he’s just eaten with his family. The teens are drowning in a sea of troubles until they’re offered the helping hand of Eden Paige, who sings for their recovery.

Jam-packed with powerful truths, the video has a public service announcement at the end, which strives to remind people that they are never truly alone, and that it is possible for their courage to overcome their struggles. “Reaching Out Is The First Step” serves as a strong message that there will always be someone to hold your hand.

Find Eden Paige online on her Instagram account.

Eden Paige - Save Me  (Official Music Video)

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