David Drake – ‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’

‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’ is an apt song title. All real musical artists do it: they all aim at the highest point they can and give it all they’ve got. And even though the majority will realise that it’s the journey itself that’s the destination, they’ll still keep shooting those arrows. No less so than Detroit’s David Drake, whose latest single is named thus, and who after a lifetime in music, is still aiming those arrows as high as he can.

‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’ is from Drake’s upcoming album, ‘On Imaginary Movies’. It’s his first full length solo release, which sees him move to centre-stage for the first time, in a career that’s seen him involved in both sides of pretty much every aspect of entertainment. He’s been both in front and at the side of bands; a singer, and a guitarist; recording artist, and studio owner; screen actor and filmmaker. The album takes all his experiences and influences, and sets them in one place. David Drake shares adventurous rock songs alongside glittering pop. There’s folk, blues, jazz, and even some experimental pieces. He’s taking his arrows, a whole quiver full, and shooting straight for the sun…and we think he might well pierce the firmament.

The video for ‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’ sees three different David Drakes, at times all of whom appearing in the same alley. Two are barefoot, peace-loving troubadours, singing and strumming their guitars on the footpath. The other is a hard drinking man who for whatever reason has placed himself as guardian of the gate to a pristine looking backyard. Each in turn tells their story, doing so with the energy and humour that has so far characterised all of David Drake’s projects. Despite holding no actual bow and arrow, the singer is nonetheless aiming straight for the sun, and by all means, he should definitely make his mark.

David Drake is online on his official website. Watch the video for ‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’ below.

David Drake - Shooting Arrows at the Sun (Official Video)

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