PREMIERE: Eddie Witz And The Most High Release The Glowing New Single, ‘In California’

Eddie Witz and The Most High returns with his signature flavour of sunny pop with the colourful new single ‘In California’. Illustrating the spirit of his Californian surroundings, this sentimental hit explores the ups and downs of growing up in the state, embracing its glamorous appeal and bittersweet notions of self-discovery.

In this radiant number, Witz is poised to transport listeners to yet another arena of uplifting energy and golden musical atmospheres. Weaving a tale of reflection, the track opens with nostalgic acoustic guitar and the sweet, soul-stirring vocals of Witz, painting a mesmeric image of California’s iconic coastal shores. Embedded in the lyrics is Witz’s ambitious nature and perseverance in chasing his dreams, yet it is his journey that will most likely resonate with listeners, inspiring them to pursue their own. 

Following a similar sonic path to the previous sun-soaked single ‘Jamaica Time’, ‘In California’ is a blend of classic acoustic instrumentation and wistful Americana, showcasing his melodic prowess. The track is intertwined with seamless harmonies, boosting the soulful unison of his new musical collective.

Building an array of anticipation for his upcoming debut album, ‘In California’ is bound to soundtrack endless summer days before he embarks on his next musical voyage. Listen to ‘In California’ now. 

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