Blanks Meditates On The Search For Meaning With ‘Silly People’

Blanks, no stranger to taking specific emotions and turning them into inspiration for lyrical content, has released ‘Silly People’ – an meditation into the search for meaning.

Sometimes introverted, always bubbly and positive, and ready to party in accordance with social distancing rules, Blanks has once again turned his hand to the creativity that comes with an insightful analysis which only Blanks can pull off.

Blanks has returned stronger than ever, with his first ever US dates and a show-stopping headline performance at London’s VidCon under his belt before the outbreak began. The massive shift in day-to-day routine has actually been the source of inspiration for the “over excited music boy”, whose YouTube channel has over one million subscribers to date. With all shows successfully rescheduled to later this year – including one in London, Hoxton’s renowned Colours venue – the musician had plenty of time to think and reflect on the way that we live our lives in today’s fast-paced culture – and ‘Silly People’ is the result.

“I see a lot of people around me, in online and offline life, who can’t stop talking about searching for meaning,” says Blanks, of the inspiration behind this latest track. “The funny thing is, though, these people seem to search in all the wrong places. They fill the void with meaningless experiences, something I recognise in myself too… We want immediate gratification, without having to work or wait for it. In the midst of living, we seem to forget how to actually enjoy it.”

Now is the perfect time for the release of a track such as this. The themes are reflective of the bizarre way the world is turning, giving us the opportunity to properly understand and reevaluate how we live today. The song itself is buoyant and light-hearted, the perfect antidote to all the doom and gloom in the news headlines and the world as a whole. Blanks’ music is not just entertainment at this point, it’s advice and guidance for the way we think about living and interacting with each other.

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

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