The Aces – ‘Daydream’

We last heard from The Aces back in August 2018, and like the rest of their fans, we’ve been hanging out for new music from the indie-pop quartet. The wait is finally over, and The Aces have returned with their new single, ‘Daydream’, a glimmering track with a summery music video to match.

It’s not just new music they’re returning with but also their trademark vulnerable lyrics, which have been wrapped up in a cloak of infectious basslines, and pure euphoria.

Working their way up from school assembly performances, graduating to music clubs, and then bargaining a deal with Red Bull Records in 2016, The Aces are the epitome of a group who’ve worked hard to achieve everything they’ve got. They’ve supported other indies along the way, including Joywave, COIN, and 5SOS, and finally the girls last year mounted their own headline tour in support of their 2018 album, ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’.

The music video for ‘Daydream’ takes viewers way out west, into the desert. It’s all a bit daydreamy, just as the song title implies. The sun is setting and its glow sets the scene for the clip. Cristal starts her journey stuck on the side of the road until she’s picked up by a creepy driver, whose advances she soon tires of. She manages to carjack when the driver gets out to go to a convenience store – and picking up her bandmates, sets out for a long night of fun, without fear or care of the consequences, which includes stealing the snacks and drinks of a motel, while keeping the receptionist distracted. They also do a “dine and dash” at a diner, speeding off into the distance. Although the song is ostensibly about separated lovers, the video gives it a different, new life about the platonic love of bosom friends.

Find out more about The Aces from their official website.

The Aces - Daydream (Official Music Video)

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