Sex People – ‘Sling Slang’

If I have any say in the matter, then Sex People will be the next big thing. The latest release from the LA band, ‘Sling Slang’, takes the seeming chaos of their influences, experiences, personalities, and talents, and puts it to music. There’s enough flavour – and then some – to keep even the most jaded pallette entertained. 

Sex People’s music has been released in a series of inter-connected EPs under the banner of ‘Cal-Island’. So far we’ve seen seasons 1, 2, and 3. The records tell the tale of dreamers who have entered the mysterious and mythical (is it though?) Island of California, where they seek out a romantic paradise, but instead discover that it’s a world of promiscuity, violence, and shame. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though, as the seekers find redemption.

We’ve talked about Sex People before, with their single last year, ‘Sanctuary City’, so we won’t repeat any backstory, it’s all there. But we will say that Downtown LA serves as much as a muse for them as anything else they encounter, and it’s where Knarfy, F.I.T., and Al Dubon found each other, and realised their common goal in music. Latest single, ‘Sling Slang’, featuring F.I.T.’s vocals, shows that Sex People’s style is as fluid as their sexuality; they slide from their signature pop style to a hip hop track, showing off just how diverse their talents and influences are.

‘Sling Slang’ is the first track from ‘Cal-Island Season 3’ and it’s a slinky groovy tune that will appeal to their fans and bring their sound to a whole other audience. Produced by SamUIL and Hobyn Yi, members of LA’s Korean and Chinese Pop production house Kairos Music Group, ‘Sling Slang’ is both explosive and compelling – the “sling slang mother fucker” refrain is as catchy as it is naughty; you’ll be singing it long after the song ends – and the hypnotic instrumental, which undulates and swirls all around you, will haunt you…in a good way.

‘Sling Slang’ takes its inspiration from LAs promiscuity community; it’s about someone who begins to question their role in the underground sex world. Knarfy says,

“It was written at the first time in my life where I considered myself a ‘whore.'”

The clip for ‘Sling Slang’ tells a trippy, hyper-real tale of Cal-Island, where it’s important to disconnect from what’s going on around you. Two characters, The Peeping Tom, and Cam Girl, start out playing their roles as expected. The Peeping Tom gets his binoculars out and spies a street where in at least 3 houses, parties are going on, complete with strobe lighting, leather, latex, and furries. There’s even some sort of sex ritual in one of them. All in a night’s work for a voyeur.

He comes to the fourth house however and discovers someone who is just as confused – and isolated – as he. Cam Girl is giving her fans what they want; she’s alone in her room, working the camera on her laptop, when she realises, she has no viewers. Peeping Tom realises this too, and when he drops his binocs, she hears, and the two find each other, and share a moment, where they discover they’re not alone, and, in each others arms and surrounded by the rest of the Cal-Island community, they discover their place.

Watch the video for ‘Sling Slang’ below. You can find out more about Sex People online on their official website.

SEX PEOPLE - Sling Slang (Official Music Video)

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