Sean Joseph – ‘Whole Zaddy’

Sean Joseph has had a busy life, he’s lived in Mississippi for six years during and after college, and now the Haitian up and coming rapper lives in New York City – hoping to make his dreams come true. His latest single, ‘Whole Zaddy’ breaks down in its music video how “zaddy” differentiates from “dad” and “daddy”- taking the hypersexualisation of the term right up to 11. You’ve been warned!

“Zaddy” is the full deal; not just more swag and fashion sense, but a super-alluring mighty-fine-ness. If you use a sliding scale from 1 right up to 11, Whole Zaddy is edging its way to 12. It’s basically the highest compliment you could give a man. The music video sees Joseph approach a bored, and apparently hard to impress young woman at a bar. Thankfully he’s the Whole Zaddy and before too long and a little bit of sweet talking, she drops her defences. Sean’s crew is there as well, doing their best to impress some other girls with their breakdancing skilz, but they’re outperformed by an older dancer who’s way more flexible than them or anyone else in the club. Eventually, after a long night of schmoozing with the girls in the club, he’s got himself a fanbase that won’t let him go. He tries to escape by running through Manhattan, but the girls are hot on his trail. Maybe being the Whole Zaddy isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be!

Sean Joseph comes from a household where he grew up watching his parents trying to carve a career in music and acting. He’s seen the struggle, but it’s not dissuaded him, and it’s sure that his dynamic energy should be enough to make both his and his parents’ dreams come true.

Find Sean Joseph online on his official website. Watch the ‘Whole Zaddy’ video below:

Sean Joseph - Whole Zaddy (Official Music Video)

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