Hot Shot Kixxx – ‘Tadpoles’

Desert blues and left of centre experimental stuff, not to mention hints of regional Mexican, and dirty roots music underlay the sound of Hot Shot Kixxx, a rock band from El Paso, Texas. Their latest single, ‘Tadpoles’, from their album, ‘Devils At It Again’, will take the listener for a roller coaster ride of brilliance, and is a fine example of what else to expect on the record.

Hot Shot Kixxx have brought their vision to life with the assistance of another El Paso artist, director Carlos “Cabe” Tejeda, who is probably best known as the creator of the far out children’s TV series, ‘El Laboratorio De Monstrosanos’. Monsters feature in his clip for ‘Tadpoles’ as well, but they’re a grown up variety. The scene is a wild pool party; there are elements of psychedelia and overall utter chaos; genders are scrambled, and yet two young characters attempt to find love. There are a multitude of different camera effects, including shots taken at bizarre angles, frantic cuts, and wide sweeps. It’s like some bad trip; bordering on madness perhaps. Some explanation for the experience could be in the suggestion that the partygoers are eating drugged up food. All in all it’s a lot of fun, and fans of Hot Shot Kixxx – and those new to the band – will love it.

Hot Shot Kixxx can be found on their official website.

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