Glass Cristina Releases New Video For Most Recent Single, ‘Kings Of Nowhere’

Glass Cristina is one of the world’s most imaginative bands. This is showcased in the latest music video for their most recent release, ‘Kings Of Nowhere’.

The video grips the audience from the get go. Transitioning between forest scenes filled with colour and the band in black and white singing their distinctive song, the contrast creates the unique – yet addictive to watch – effect. This form of creativity allows the band to share the story of ‘Kings of Nowhere’ – something they did absolutely perfectly!

‘Kings of Nowhere’ is the next single to be released from their much-anticipated album, ‘Nudity’, due to be released in May. This is an album that Glass Cristina have been working tremendously hard on over the last two years. ‘Nudity’ is an album that represents the bands self-discovery, and shows how they have evolved in both their sound and identity.

The trio are the very first band to be signed with Vegan Caníbal – who happen to be Spain’s most successful independent record label! They also performed at the Sziget Festival last year alongside some of the worlds favourite stars including The 1975, Jungle, Twenty One Pilots, and Foo Fighters.

The music video for ‘Kings of Nowhere’ is now available to watch here:

Glass Cristina - Kings Of Nowhere (Official Video)

‘Nudity’ will be out on the 22nd May, be sure to check back in with us then for the full review! In the meantime, go follow Glass Cristina’s official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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