Blanks Wows At VidCon London 2020

Expanding his internet empire into the realm of pop music is Blanks, best-known for his 80s reworkings of current pop hits on his staggeringly successful YouTube channel. His latest release is a song aimed directly towards his loyal listeners, and fans-to-be of his retro, cosy and self-defined “overexcitable” personality. ‘Sweaters’ is an ode to nights in, leaving the party early and going home to get changed into pyjamas and reading a book.

To celebrate the release of this characteristically upbeat and brimming-with-happiness tune, Blanks was the main attraction of London-based influencer meet-up, VidCon. He was one of the main draws for the convention’s “Night of Music” on Sunday the 23rd February, performing alongside other household names such as Samantha Harvey, CC Clarke and more. He also appeared on a discussion panel on Saturday, where he discussed how to keep up with and create new trends across various platforms simultaneously.

His insights were an absolute asset to the panel, as they would be from the star who has been working hard, evolving and growing since the tender age of 15, to build his YouTube channel up to over a million followers.

With this convention under his belt, and the release of ‘Sweaters’ underway, it’s clear that Blanks is undeniably a talent to watch. Watch the live video below or catch him at his next UK performance dates – at Colours Hoxton on the 21st of April or at Brighton’s Great Escape in May 2020.

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