Rockie Brown – ‘Soul Sister Retribution’

Las Vegas pop-rapper Rockie Brown is a young woman trying to find her way in a world that isn’t always friendly, so seeking solidarity in the sisterhood is something that has proven important in her experience. Her latest single, ‘Soul Sister Retribution’, is an anthem of empowerment and a call to arms for all those girls and women out there who feel ignored, or not accepted as part of the system.

‘Soul Sister Retribution’ sees Rockie rapping it out – the song is an absolute cracker – with the utmost confidence over a foot stomping beat that’ll get you going from the very start.

Rockie Brown is a British-Filipina, whose mother moved to the States from Manilla, and has struggled to make a life for both herself and her daughter. The song ‘Soul Sister Retribution’ is as much for her Mom as for all her sisters, with Rockie channelling that energy, urgency, and determination to succeed that she’s inherited from her mother.

Rockie Brown has been recognised by the Las Vegas Sun as one of the city’s most promising artists, and she’s also been included in the list of “10 Bands To Watch”, compiled by Las Vegas Weekly.

Rockie’s EP, ‘Mad World’, from which comes ‘Soul Sister Retribution’, has found its way onto the charts on 100 college radio stations across the US. Not only that, but her music has been licenced for use in such programmes as ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, among many others.

In the video for ‘Soul Sister Retribution’ we see Rockie taking on many different roles – that of fighter, protector, listener, and one who challenges oppressive authority. Directed by Robert John Kley, it’s been shot in an arthouse style, gorgeously grainy black and white. Rockie’s effervescence can’t be hidden though – she shines through. As she addresses the camera, she does so with such confidence and authority that none would question her. She provides inspiration for a young girl, she leads a group of strong women. Besides the black and white there’s swirling bands and dots of bright colour, signifying her high energy and power – the perfect accompaniment to the rousing song.

Watch the video for ‘Soul Sister Retribution’ below. You can find Rockie Brown online on her official website.

Rockie Brown - Soul Sister Retribution

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