Lila Blue – ‘Half Of It’

New York based artist Lila Blue doesn’t try to be different – she just is. She’s already released two albums and an EP, and latest single, ‘Half Of It’, along with its music video, is about as different as can be.

Most really really innovative pop songwriters are young, there’s no doubt about it. And the reason is because they’ve not bowed to the accepted convention; they still write from their passions, they don’t worry about fitting a certain standard or style. They just stay in their own lane. Lila Blue is no exception to this rule. Her lyrics are sincere, and REAL. They express her personality, and they’re not written by a committee with the idea that there is a particular way to write a pop song.

Don’t get me wrong – Lila Blue certainly has her inspirations. Her dark folk styling has its genesis in the likes of Regina Spektor; Ani DeFranco; Joni Mitchell; Fiona Apple. And yet her choruses are as modern as they can be, with their emotional appeal, despite Lila’s refusal to toe the line of the rules of mainstream radio. Her latest single, ‘Half Of It’, as well as her other compositions, are unpredictable, they’re not settled…and they’re super catchy.

The video for ‘Half Of It’ well uses Lila’s theatrical experience (she’s starred in ‘Weightless’, a Bay Area rock opera, based on a story from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphosis’), and she and her co-star love interest wear masks – their interactions symbolising heartbreak, and reinforcing the song’s emotional depths. Close ups and long shots intersperse, Lila’s face portraying strength and depth of character. There’s some eerie moments in the clip, which ends with Lila by a lake, distraught, heart broken, and contemplative.

You can find out more about Lila Blue online on her official website. Watch the video for ‘Half Of It’ below.

Lila Blue - "Half of It" (Official Video)

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