Evan Michael Green – ‘No Ceiling’

The video for ‘No Ceiling’, by Evan Michael Green, takes the viewer on a journey through time, following a romance from its inception right through to the present day.

Evan Michael Green has that something that compels you to keep watching him on-screen, and the voice to match. Not only that, but his songs tell a story, which he conveys with an exuberance that respects no vertical limitations – he takes higher and higher until we forget what the earth was like.

In under 4 minutes Green packs in more information than most videos would even dare to. Starting with an older woman looking over photos in an album, waving to a young boy, riding past on a scooter. We take a step back to 1984, where she first meets the love of her life, at a party. The attention to detail is incredible – she’s wearing fluorescent legwarmers and fingerless gloves, covered with contrasting fluro net wrist warmers. We really liked the plastic triangular dangling earrings as well; it’s things like this that others would miss as being important. Her love is wearing what all well-dressed young men wore – a pastel coloured button up shirt and stonewashed jeans. Note the party-goer wearing the “Champion” sweater – another iconic brand that was big in that time; there’s also the dude out by the pool wearing a floral shirt, unbuttoned, with a white tee underneath. Incredible!

The pair are captured on Polaroid (of course! What else?) and the scene moves to the present day where the woman is looking at the very same photo. The song speaks of their love – “when I’m with you I’ve got no ceiling” – their love has no limits. Back in the 80s, he writes on the other side of the photo, next to the boxes for Twister, and Connect 4.

At this point – time takes a strange twist. Maybe Twister was more significant than we realised? Somehow we’re moved back to 1970 – a grizzled old man is reading a book as a girl on a scooter rides past, mirroring the present day. He pulls out a photo from the book, the same Polaroid – and we see what Evan has written on the back – “When I’m with you I got no ceiling!!! – EMG”. What can it all mean? At the end we see Green himself swap with the young boy, and we conclude that they are one and the same – just like the older woman and the girl are also. Time has no meaning when you’re together with the one you love.

Watch the video for ‘No Ceiling’. You can find Evan Michael Green on his official website.

Evan Michael Green - No Ceiling (Official Music Video)

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