SPOTTED: Giulia Lands Back On Earth In New York!

Giulia is a hard girl to pin down. Last spotted in her beguiling video for the sultry ‘Trippin’, a new type of pop song (more on that later), Giulia was seen jetting off into the stars in her own spaceship, dodging asteroids and planets and dancing under UV lights.

To say she’s a flight risk is an understatement – she’s already jetted off to seek adventures on other planets! So, when she put a location stamp on her Instagram stories, we were immediately intrigued.

After some digging, we can confirm that Giulia has touched back down to planet Earth, and is back in the recording studio. In New York! It’s unsurprising that this Italian enigma has itchy feet all the time – she spent her childhood traveling the world for her parents’ work (her mother is a fashion entrepreneur and her father is a professional polo player). This love of adventure is something we can see time and again in her musical experimentations and output. Her experience renders her music a total melting pot of influences, with a big South American influence heard.

Giulia in Spindle Magazine!

Her last release, ‘Trippin’, tells the story of a hazy night spent on the dancefloor, but the video transports the song literally to another world. Giulia performs throughout the video in space, flying her ship through the stars and paving her way through a world which few of us can understand.

These latest posts on her social media indicate that we can expect to be treated to some new music – hopefully soon? Giulia represents a new era of pop, a quietly confident one which doesn’t rely on putting your entire life on social media and instead is assured in the knowledge that musical quality will be what secures her success.

Welcome back to Earth Giulia – we’ve missed you!

Watch ‘Trippin’ down below and make sure to follow @giuliamymusic on socials to stay updated!

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