Ones To Watch In 2020: Giulia

‘Trippin’, the latest sultry and sensual alt-pop hit from Italian-enigma Giulia, was one of the most ear-catching releases of 2019. With its bass drops, lazy drum beats and Giulia’s unmistakable vocals, it’s one of those songs which is both instantly recognisable for what it is, yet remains a total mystery. We wouldn’t have it any other way, of course.

Another thing to separate this track from the rest of the pack, however, is the fact that this video is but one of three in the same triptych of releases.

This video has been dangled, tantalisingly, in front of us – a slice of pure pop perfection to which we can expect not one, but two follow-ups! The wait is almost too much to bear and we have so many questions for this enigmatic star on the rise. 

If the next two are anything like ‘Trippin’, though, we are in for a treat.

Watch the beguiling video for ‘Trippin’ below.

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