World Refugee Day: SHAB Is Ready To Share Her Story With The Upcoming, ‘One Suitcase’

World Refugee Day is today, June 20th, rallying support and solidarity for those fleeing conflict in search of freedom – and a new start.

For pop sensation SHAB, who has gathered 13 million global streams, 25 million YouTube views and set to release her forthcoming album ‘One Suitcase’ in August, this is where here musical journey began.

At the age of eight, SHAB and her family anticipated persecution by pro-state forces in Iran, which culminated in her father’s workplace being burned down. Her father, a petroleum executive, died of a heart attack in his early fifties, which the family attributes to the stress of this persecution.

Following his death, SHAB’S mother had to raise 13 children alone. However, in the 1980s, their home in Tehran became a refuge – where friends and family gathered for music and dance, activities that were otherwise banned. This haven of joyful home life and the oppressive outside world ultimately created a “bubble” of safety and happiness, and the beginning of her passion for music.

Eventually, due to escalating fears for their safety, SHAB’s mother decided to send her to Germany alone, where she gained independence. SHAB eventually reunited with her family in the US, where she learned English, studies law, and worked towards success.

It wasn’t until 2020 that she was catapulted into fame after transforming her poems into songs, with the help of producer Damon Sharpe. Now, with chart-topping singles under her belt and numerous collaborations, Shab’s achievements does not distract her from the ongoing repression she and many Iranian women continue to experience, and hopes to advocate for their empowerment and freedom.

The story behind her highly-anticipated ‘One Suitcase’ is ready to be shared, and shed light on those in need. For more information on World Refugee Day, read here.

The first single ‘Afterglow’ will be released on June 28th. Pre-Save here.

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