Good Service – ‘Summer Muses’

Noah Fardon, performing as Good Service, was born in Nashville, and is now back there – with a long convoluted journey that saw him living in Maine, where he translated Ancient Greek. If that’s not enough to get you interested, then his music definitely will be.

He grew up seeking the company of the artists and deep thinkers who congregated on the porch of a local coffee shop; the inspiration of their passion and enthusiasm pushed him to picking up a guitar and properly learning how to play. He started a band, which went well for a time.

In 2012 he moved to Maine’s midcoast (this is where he was translating Ancient Greek), and then moved to Portland, living in a repurposed laundry, which was owned by a self-proclaimed pirate – moustache and all – think Jack Sparrow if he hoarded Twizzlers. He spent the next two years writing and recording in what was effectively a wooden box, with the aim in seeing if he could slough off some of the old vestiges of his previous writing style.

The end result was the album ‘Please’, which is set for release on July 26. It’s only 31 minutes long but it’s enough to get right into, as Good Service unravels his feelings of mortality following the terminal diagnosis of his grandmother and her subsequent death.

‘Summer Muses’, released on July 8 from the album, comes with a striking music video which has been directed, edited, and produced by Henry Austin with help from Cody Stack, Wilder Nicholson, and Hector Magana, as well as Noah Fardon himself. It’s a 60s flavoured track; Good Service is reflective and contemplative and the jangly – almost pounding – guitar, accompanied by synths and drums. It’s got an ethereal quality that conjures up ideas of long hot summers and perhaps a little bit too much in terms of substance abuse. Languid and lethargic, Good Service ambles through the vocals which are perfectly matched in style to the instrumental track.

It’s a pleasant tune whose opening fools you into believing it’s going to turn out completely differently – much as musing often starts out with a completely unrelated thought to what you finish with. The foot-tapping rhythm is unrelenting, taking you back to the summer of love, or even just to a time when things were a lot different to how they are now; a whole lot less problematic.

Find Good Service on Instagram. ‘Please’ is out July 26.

Good Service - Summer Muses (Official Video)

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