HRVY Releases Studio Version Of ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

After collaborating with NCT on ‘Don’t Need Your Love’, HRVY has now released the studio version of his popular song.

The studio recording sees HRVY accompanied by piano, giving the track an acoustic feel, very different vibe to the original song, more peaceful and soulful. HRVY’s beautiful vocals give it more of a ballad vibe, very soothing. The lyrics of the song are quite straightforward: It is about a relationship that ended and they are letting their former partner know that they are completely over them. The vocals have an airy and soft tone, which blends perfectly with the piano instrumental.

“(Ye ye ye) You think it’s my heart you’re holding

You still think you’re all that I need

(Ye ye ye) But I know we’re fire and ocean

Yeah you ain’t got nothing on me”

Signifying that it is anti-relationship by saying that there not good for them and that it’s time to move on from that person.

The studio version is just a beautiful rendition of the song with a soulful blend, and HRVY has made it his own. The accompanying video is very simple, showing HRVY with a microphone and the pianist, as well as a few guitars, which is perfect as it doesn’t take anything away from the vocals.

Check the studio version out here:


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