Giovanna Celebrates Recognition In The Worlds Of Music AND Film

Did we mention that our girl Giovanna has had success in more than just the music world?

Yes, we’re here to remind you about her fantastic alt-pop masterpiece ‘Young Heart Player’ (seriously, if you haven’t listened to it yet where have you been?) but also to tell you that this month, Giovanna is celebrating another one of her music videos, the nostalgia-laced ballad ‘Can’t Go Back’, being recognised amongst some other gorgeous works of art in the Moscow International Short Film Festival.

This recognition should come as no surprise for those of us who have followed Giovanna from the very beginning, and know that her roots lie in film scoring. This knowledge of differing media types lends her music a certain cinematic quality which is apparent in both ‘Can’t Go Back’ and ‘Young Heart Player’. Both these songs, and their accompanying videos, transcend the barriers of pop music as the music swells to fill the space.

The space the music fills is not a nightclub, nor is it a lipsyncing, airbrushed image of Giovanna against a glittery background. In both cases, the song is explored in a way more intellectual than your average pop song. ‘Can’t Go Back’ sees Giovanna performing the piano part live in an abandoned church whilst home movies are projected across her face, whilst ‘Young Heart Player’ makes use of a power struggle told through contemporary dance to tell the story of the song. 

In both cases, it is clear that Giovanna is an artist to be reckoned with, one that inspires further art to be created. Award-nominated music videos or stunning choreography, the mark of a truly important artist is one who inspires other artists to create in her wake. Giovanna is one such artist. 

Watch the video for ‘Young Heart Player’ down below:

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