Jamie Hart Asks Us To ‘Get Closer’

Boston’s Jamie Hart has released the music video for her song, ‘Get Closer’. The clip follows on from the single which was released in September.

Hart has been a member of the voice faculty at Berklee College Of Music since 2012, and has forged a reputation for powerhouse vocals, stemming from her classical training, and background in rock, pop, and blues music. The video marks the sixth such release for Hart, who has during her career won a number of awards, as well as received prestigious nominations, and has released three albums previously, under the name of “Jamie Lynn Hart”.

The new single comes during an exciting year for Hart, who almost left music altogether back in 2017, but instead chose to take a two-year hiatus. She used her time to develop further her spiritual practice, earning certification as a spiritual life coach, and yoga instructor. It was during this time she also had a spiritual awakening, adding further depth to her lyrics and gave her a renewed purpose, as a conscious creator.

Explaining what happened, Hart says,

“During my hiatus, I had done a lot of work on myself, unravelling beliefs, healing my past, learning about love, and developing my intuition. ‘Get Closer’, the first song on the project, describes the relationship that followed and the gradual falling away of connection.”

The idea for the video thereafter fell naturally into place. She says,

“I wanted to create a visual representation of the song — how I was feeling emotionally and the kind of pushing and pulling of a relationship through the movement of our bodies.”

Rather than choreographing the piece, Hart instead used a technique known as “contact improv”, which sees dancers immerse themselves in the experience, and responding to each other. Hart says,

“It’s a mindfulness practice because you have to focus so much and tune in to each other’s energy to move through the song.”

Hart describes the creative process and inspiration behind the video as having felt like a Synaesthesia experience, that is, one sense triggers another at the same time.

“The song itself stimulated visual sensations tied to both movement and colours. I could see the exact colour palette and movements that would represent the emotion and the vibrations of the song. The idea came quickly to me because I could experience the movement I wanted to feel in my body when I would hear it, like the music was moving my body into these shapes. I could see the colours of the production, the purple and blue jewel tones you see in the final video.”

The video stars Hart and James Novakowski, and is directed by Jay Golde. It was filmed at Surefire Creative Studios, in Lowell, Massachusetts. The song and video serve as an introduction to Hart’s new indie-pop sound, which blends her signature strong vocals with electronic elements, and live instruments providing a raw authenticity. Hart says, when asked about her musical and personal journey, that a pivotal moment came to her in 2019, and she asked herself, “What would you do if you only had a month to live?” Jamie’s response was to write and record everything she could, the creations coming from the very depths of her soul, and imbued with a new passion, purpose, and sound.

You can find out more about Jamie Hart from her official website. Watch the video for ‘Get Closer’:

Jamie Hart - Get Closer (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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