The Essential Advent Calendar: December 19 – Chadwick Johnson Releases New Holiday Single, ‘It’s Almost Christmas’

Behind the door on December 19 is acclaimed recording artist Chadwick Johnson, with his first original holiday single, ‘“’It’s Almost Christmas’, written by Chadwick Johnson and Kalani Queypo.

You can stream and download ‘It’s Almost Christmas’ here.

Speaking of the track, Chadwick said,

“‘It’s Almost Christmas’ is a throwback to all things Christmas. I really wanted this song to be a nod to all the things that make this time of year so special — making references to some beloved songs from our childhood and really having fun with that! I have always loved Christmas music. It is the one genre that is welcomed and celebrated with childlike innocence every single year. It can feel like a warm hug, a reminder of what is important in life. You could be in a random grocery store and someone in the same aisle will be humming or singing along to those old familiar tunes coming from the speaker. It’s another opportunity for music to connect us in a positive way!”

“The holidays are filled with so much nostalgia so I really wanted to point out that, during Christmas, everything seems heightened, even magical, but the most important moments are those that you spend with someone you love. It’s those meaningful moments with loved ones that make the holidays truly beautiful.”

Chadwick Johnson is a singer/songwriter who approaches the craft as a storyteller and revels in the complexities of the human experience. Chadwick’s sound echoes the soulful stylings of Chris Stapleton and soaring vocals of Ben Platt. Chadwick’s latest album, ‘Unbreakable’, demonstrates his songwriting prowess, showcasing 12 captivating new songs. The title track is a fierce answer to the struggles that may shake us, but will never break us. Chadwick also brings new life to the 1986 Crowded House cover ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, The provocative track list resonates with personal themes of love, determination and resilience.

“I really focused on the storytelling for this album,” he says. “Instead of writing songs about my struggles and feeling like I was broken, I realized that music is my secret power! It’s about my ability to work through and overcome the struggle. It’s about resilience!”

Recorded in Nashville, the self produced album was released on September 16, 2022.

Performing both nationally and internationally, Chadwick’s acclaimed concerts have been enjoyed by audiences at venues including Chelsea Table & Stage, Feinstein’s at Vitello’s, The Purple Room, Catalina Jazz Club and the prestigious Smith Center for the Performing Arts where he recorded his live album, ‘”‘Live In Las Vegas’. Chadwick was recognized with the Hollywood Music in Media Award for “Song Of The Year,” and experienced a dream come true when he collaborated with legendary producer David Foster. Chadwick’s critically acclaimed single “Remember Love,” co-written with Hollywood actor and songwriter Kalani Queypo, explores the haunting effects of Alzheimer’s from the perspective of a loved one. Proceeds from this song are donated to research for brain health.

Chadwick grew up on a horse ranch, and still continues today to train horses and enjoy his time outside in nature. Chadwick keeps true to his heart and continues to impassion his audience with the soul and sincerity of his music, while remaining on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry.

You can find out more about Chadwick Johnson and his music online on his official website.

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