Allegra Takes On Loud Luxury Ft. Brando’s ‘Body’

Returning to small screens to take on Loud Luxury featuring Brando’s staple smash song ‘Body’, Allegra is a rising force to be reckoned with in this latest cover and visual.

Having drummed up a catalogue of putting her own artistic spin on charting songs, from pop princesses Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez, Allegra is like no other cover artist. Truly utilising her youthfulness to her advantage, Allegra is able to bring a sense of self-confidence and singing star quality to every single rendition.

Commencing the cover song, the video opens to Allegra strutting boldly down the floorboards of an open LA-based studio. Looking and performing like the true rising star she is, Allegra’s charisma both musically and personally is infectious. Singing her way through the Loud Luxury tune with such naturalness, despite the ‘All About Us’ singer being surrounded by a scattering of percussionist providing the powerful drum-driven instrumentals, Allegra comes out on top, working the room with an air of pop superstar about her.

Check out Allegra’s cover of Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’ below.

Loud Luxury - Body // Allegra (Cover Version) // Performed In October 2019 in LA

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