Taylor Hollingsworth Goes Old-School With Double Cassette Release Of Syd Barrett Cover ‘Love You’ Plus ‘Champagne And Reefer’

Birmingham Alabama’s Taylor Hollingsworth is nothing if not retro. Not only has he covered Syd Barrett’s ‘Love You’, and Muddy Waters’ ‘Champagne And Reefer’, but he’s also released them on a double sided cassingle, entitled ‘Lo Fi & Lo Fried’, via Cornelius Chapel Records. Old school!

Not only that, but his style just calls to mind the likes of Marc Bolan and T-Rex, the afore-mentioned Barrett, and The Grateful Dead, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Traffic…he’s the full psychedelic, and you get the feeling there’s absolutely no pretence there at all.

First track, ‘Champagne And Reefer’, is where he’s at his most Bolan. His falsetto is possibly altered somewhat during production, and accentuated by the simple instrumentals, just guitar and tambourine. The track has a fresh, raw feel to it, as if it’s been recorded while having a jam session (and maybe a reefer or two) with a group of friends.

The second track, ‘Love You’, is a bit more in the “freak out far out” style that we associate with Syd Barrett – lots of experimental synths, guitar, percussion, and – we think – maybe a kazoo as well. It’s upbeat, fun, funky, and downright frivolous. We liked it a lot.

The twin release comes on the back of Hollingsworth full length album ‘Tap Dancin’ Daddy’, which he released on Full Moon Records. The house musician in a number of bars in his home town, Taylor also works part time in a restaurant, as well as an Uber/Lyft driver. He’s quite alright with his lack of recognition around the country, and truth be told, probably prefers it that way. He says,

“At this point in time, with the music world the way it is, I don’t think I even consider myself a musician, more a folk artist of sound.”

You can find out more about Taylor Hollingsworth and his music online on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and his Official Website.

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