Pete Gardiner: New Single ‘Bourbon And The Truth’ Released Now

Pete Gardiner is back and he’s definitely channelling his inner gunslinger; this time he’s shooting whiskey and honesty and he’s got something to say. New single ‘Bourbon and the Truth’ still boasts the searingly honest lyricism that defines Gardiner’s music but this time it’s complemented by a driving old country backbeat that screams Marty Stuart or early Cash…we are even treated to the sound of a spaghetti western style gunshot.

The lyrics carry the stamp of earlier songs with their poetry but this time Pete isn’t pulling any punches. It’s a song that demands a listen and like all the singer’s music you discover gems within the lyrical structure as the song develops, with Pete leaving the listener in no doubt about his thoughts on the current state of affairs in the world.

This might feel like three chords and the truth at first listen but the reality is that this is very much ‘Bourbon and the Truth’ and very much authentic Pete Gardiner. Not everyone will like the change in production but Pete Gardiner couldn’t be happier. He feels that, “It’s much grittier than anything I’ve done so far and I like the relentlessness of it”. He’s happy with the way his new single sounds: “personally I love the production. It reminds me of a Johnny Cash kind of vibe”. This is great news as Pete has been disappointed with production in the past and hopefully this new year will see this talented lyricist find the wider audience his music deserves and maybe, just maybe, this change in production will achieve that aim.

I have seen this song performed live a few times and in that stripped back medium it really does have a hard hitting honesty that hits you between the eyes. Personally, I would have liked to see something more akin to a Brothers Osbourne kind of production but with a cool new video and some very moody promotional photographs to accompany the release, this new single does stick in the head and in this musical age where listeners cherry pick their content that is very important. Hopefully that acts as a gateway to discover this relevant and immensely talented singer songwriter.

The song is available for download  here and I urge you to check it out and let me know what you think?

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