Kesha – ‘Children Of The Revolution’ – From ‘AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs Of Marc Bolan and T.Rex’

‘AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs Of Marc Bolan and T.Rex’, set for release on September 4 on BMG, is an extraordinary tribute album to one of the great British artists of all time, Marc Bolan. The latest preview track is Kesha’s stirring interpretation of T.Rex classic ‘Children Of The Revolution’.

Taylor Hollingsworth Goes Old-School With Double Cassette Release Of Syd Barrett Cover ‘Love You’ Plus ‘Champagne And Reefer’

Birmingham Alabama’s Taylor Hollingsworth is nothing if not retro. Not only has he covered Syd Barrett’s ‘Love You’, and Muddy Waters’ ‘Champagne And Reefer’, but he’s also released them on a double sided cassingle, entitled ‘Lo Fi & Lo Fried’, via Cornelius Chapel Records. Old school!

CHAOS THEORY – Guitar Supremo Michael Ciravolo On Beauty In Chaos – The All Star Musical Collaboration Which Spawned ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ And New Re-Mix Album ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’

Born of frustration at the lack of space his guitar parts were getting on the last Human Drama record, Michael Ciravolo‘s Beauty In Chaos started as a…

DOCTOR BEAT – Punk Icon Rat Scabies on The Damned, Drumming And His ‘Indulgent’ Debut Solo Album ‘PHD’

More than 40 years after The Damned lit the blue touch paper for the punk rock revolution, original drummer Rat Scabies is busier than…

BEHIND THE CURTAINS – Blancmange Offer You A Peek Inside Their Unfurnished Rooms

When I was about nine or 10 and just starting to take a serious interest in music, my elder brother, in a rare show…

Glam Skanks At The Royal Albert Hall – 17th May 2017

Steve Holley caught Hollywood glitter punks, Glam Skanks, at London’s Royal Albert Hall, on their UK tour.

BRUM DANCING – Birmingham C86-ers Mighty Mighty Release First New Music In 28 Years

Less that a week after our interview with one C86 alumnus in The Wedding Present’s David Gedge, another of the bands on that hallowed…

The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Penny Bridges

Wolverhampton singer songwriter Penny Bridges gives us her Essential Weekly Playlist.