Glam Skanks At The Royal Albert Hall – 17th May 2017

When Veronica Volume, lead guitarist, advertised on Craigslist for female musicians at the same time as Ali Cat, there was a meeting of minds, influences and attitude. They wanted to bring the show back into Rock’n’Roll and inspire other people, especially young women, to go out and kick some ass. They wanted to send the message that it’s OK not to be ladylike. It’s really very OK to be a Skank!

On May 17 the Glam Skanks brought all of that sass in bucket loads to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall. In fact I’m not sure the RAH has ever seen the like as Ali Cat, the band’s lead singer, lived up to her name and literally prowled the stage with slinky abandon as she launched into song after song of music infused with fun, glamour and explosive effervescence.

With a line up completed by Veronica on lead guitar with her incredible hair, Millie on bass guitar emanating cool and Cassie furiously hitting her drums, the band proudly paraded their musical influences of Bowie, The Sweet, Alice Cooper and the wonderful T Rex.

Veronica’s father Bruce Witkin is a member of the Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper and it’s easy to see that there is plenty of Alice’s influence in the way that the girls go about their business. There is such a feeling of sexy fun that infuses everything about Glam Skanks that literally grabs the audience and takes them back to a time when music oozed sex appeal and attitude.

But it’s not only Alice Cooper’s music and stage show that has inspired the girls but also his well known work ethic. They have funded their UK tour with an Indiegogo campaign and have been overwhelmed by the support they have received.

Thursday night’s performance showcased their debut album Glitter City and it was the title track that brought the show to a euphoric end with Ali Cat sprawled at the front of the stage as the crowd at RAH showed their appreciation for an electric performance. New single ‘Bad Bitch’ was a stand out for me and it’s an obvious anthem for strong powerful women everywhere, strong powerful women like Glam Skanks!

Watching the girls perform is a rollercoaster of sexy musical glamorous rock that made everyone one at the RAH completely forget the pouring rain outside and wish they lived in a Glam Skank world. Go see them live if you can, it’s impossible to be disappointed!

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