Rising star Allegra storms the Billboard Charts with 80s nostalgia in her video for debut track, ‘All About Us’

Allegra’s debut single ‘All About Us’ sees her rolling across our screens in chunky 80s-style rollerblades, giving us full-on nostalgia whilst her friends ride state-of-the-art hoverboards. It has been storming the Billboard Charts this summer and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. It’s unsurprising that this infectious and summery single came from a collaboration made in pop heaven – Allegra, a young and upcoming superstar collaborates with music mogul Chris Herbert (creator of the Spice Girls) on her debut track.

Having been working on her songwriting in the studio for the duration of 2018, Allegra boasts an impressive range of songwriting credits for someone of the tender age of 16. She became interested in music at the age of five, learning violin and piano and decided to become a singer-songwriter when she was 14. When Chris Herbert and Allegra collaborated to record ‘All About Us’, the song was an instant hit and attracted some of the hottest names in the dance world to remix the single.

Catching the eye of Herbert was not nearly enough, apparently, since Allegra has also recently appeared on our screens as a featured artist in YouTube sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider’s video remaking Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’. The video, which features Schneider attempting to cover a song without having heard it, features Allegra’s vocals on the track, and a homemade music video which illustrates Allegra’s abilities as a natural in front of the camera.

Watch Allegra’s 80s-tinged nostalgia music video for ‘All About Us’ below!

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