‘It Is At It Seems’ With New Single From The Cry

Back in the 1990s, The Cry released their first full length album, ‘Beautiful Reasons’. They won over the hearts and minds of a whole generation of skateboarders, who fell in love with them after hearing them in H-Street Skateboards’ video, ‘Hokus Pokus’. From there, they found themselves getting more and more attention, and courted by a major label. But rather than do what most others would do, and sign up their way to fame and fortune, they went completely the opposite way…and vanished.

Or so it seemed.

Fast forward to the digital age. Previously, a physical copy of ‘Beautiful Reasons’ was a rare commodity, having been released on a limited cassette run, and therefore gave the band something of a legendary status; streaming however has brought their music to a wider audience, attracting new fans, while at the same time lifting the spirits of older fans, who were able to relive those glory days, and know that their faith in The Cry had been well-founded.

Now, 25 years since the release of that album, The Cry have released new music, in the form of several new singles, and the promise of a full length album in 2020.

First release is the sombre, yet somehow still upbeat ‘It Is As It Seems’. With a laconic vocal that is reminiscent of Nick Cave, and maybe more than a touch of Ian Curtis (maybe even Shane McGowan?), the jangly guitars and thrumming of the drums and percussion repeat over and over the same refrain, before breaking free just before the end, in a gloriously fuzzy celebration of sound. The whole effect is simply gorgeous and eminently re-playable. It’s a beautiful reward for the faithful, and a delicious taste of what is still to come.

Find The Cry online on their Official Website, Instagram, and Spotify. Check out their music on Dowd Records, which can be found on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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