notthatloud Set To Release New Single ‘Colours’ on November 20th!

notthatloud have recently announced that they will be releasing their brand-new single titled “Colours” on the 20th of November!

“Colours” is an insane track that gives off somewhat of a trippy vibe. It will have you lost in thought from beginning to end. It tells a story of how people hide their true selves. Not being the person they truly are by dressing up in bright, flashy outfits, only for the sake of impressing others around them. It also hints that we’re all a victim of this. The overall message behind the song is saying that we’re all hypocrites. notthatloud have managed to combine two different perspectives of this topic within the same song.

What is most interesting about “Colours” is that it’s nothing like what you hear in today’s music industry. Not only is the meaning of the song a topic that nobody ever discusses within their music, but notthatloud seem to have a sound that is undoubtedly their own. It’s unique, different, and vibrant – all characteristics needed to make an artist stand out from the rest.

“Colours” will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms from the 20th of November. It’s a song you really don’t want to miss so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! For more updates, be sure to follow notthatloud on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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