‘Here We Go’ by Walk the Earth

Multi-platinum pop act Walk the Earth return with their new album ‘Here We Go’. It features the previously released songs ‘Mike’s Song’, ‘I’ll Be There’ and their latest single, ‘Home Alone’. The band have not only garnered 1.7 million listeners, but they have also catapulted to the #1 spot on Apple music’s Breaking Pop playlist.

‘Here We Go’ is indeed a labyrinth of sounds. It is held together by the group’s assiduous song-writing skills. With a knack for finding more melodic hooks than some bands manage in a lifetime, the band also have incredible chemistry. This was made apparent in their viral YouTube video covering Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’.

Single ‘I’ll Be There’ is a radio-ready pop classic, whereas ‘Home Alone’ comes with a chorus ready to fill up arenas. ‘Call It On’ starts with a stripped back acoustic-led melody, before erupting into a chant-like chorus, which after one lesson, you won’t get out of your head. Album title track ‘Here We Go (Overtime)’ is another track with its “in your face” chorus. A more playful track equipped with its tongue in cheek lyrics, it will go down like a house on fire on tour.

The band have also experimented with more electronic flourishes on tracks like ‘Addicted’, and ‘Dreamers’. The latter is equipped with an irresistible chorus which erupts into a melting pot of synthesisers and bleeps before returning to its haunting verses. It is definitely one of the highlights on the album.

‘Lost In You’ is the bittersweet ballad required on any pop record. Sarah’s vocal performance is both simultaneously euphoric and heart-breaking. The song really shows off her range as a singer. The “ooh ooh” hook alone could be a second chorus. Keeping the listener on their toes with its tempo changes and electronic nuances before taking them back to an acoustic finish. Many of the songs bring this to the table, these melodic U-turns, creating these musical landscapes in the context of a three-minute pop song.

‘Mike’s Song’ comes with a poignant back story. Former band member Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor unexpectedly passed away last year. In honour of their former band member, the group kicked off their album campaign with an original song called ‘Mike’s Song’. It helped raise thousands of dollars for MusiCounts-Canada’s music education charity associated with the Juno Awards.

The track provides a more introspective angle lyrically whilst it flourishes melodically. It is another stand out track, one that deserves the spotlight for not only the inspiration behind it but for the band’s determination to continue making music.

Walk Off The Earth have managed to make an album that marries the bells and whistles and electronic heights of contemporary pop music with earnest songwriting. A collection of songs that will accompany them on their forthcoming tour in their native Canada. A collection of songs that champion both the ups and downs in their personal lives. A band that is heading towards their pop zenith with a record of some excellent songs.

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‘Here We Go’ is out this Friday 25 October, and can be pre-ordered here.

I'll Be There (Lyric Video) - Walk Off the Earth

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