Bloom de Wilde – ‘Rock, Plant & Animal’

Released through Dream Society Records, Bloom de Wilde’s latest single, ‘Rock, Plant & Animal’ proves the Sam And The Womp vocalist has what it takes for a solo career.

The follow up to her previous track, ‘Soul Siren‘, which came out in July, ‘Rock, Plant & Animal’ continues in the same avant-experimenalism vibe. Ethereal and esoteric, Bloom is accompanied by guitar, Kora harp, strings and brass, as light and gossamer as her vocals. So often de Wilde has been compared to Bjork, and for good reason. Her songs carry with them the feeling of not having been written but rather they are living creatures, growing from the earth itself, elegantly entwining the listener, with Bloom, pied-piper-like, draws us in with her sweet, soulful voice. Close your eyes, and allow the synesthetic songwriting approach used by de Wilde take you over – hear the colours, see the sounds, allow yourself to travel where Bloom’s voice is beckoning us to follow.

Speaking of the track, de Wilde says,

“I wrote this song for my children, about this living Earth I love so dearly, and all the precious life upon it. I believe everything in this world has a living essence, a soul, and all is connected. We are all One – Rock, Plant and Animal. We are all instances of the Universe, perceiving itself from infinite subjective perspectives.

With everything that is happening in the world right now, I think it is clear the time has come to change our ways. To approach each day with humble gratitude, our hearts open wide, souls radiating, dancing and dreaming a new world into reality. A harmonious, life-sustaining world, where we look after each other, our animal brothers and sisters, and our Earth mother that nurtures us.”

You can find out more about Bloom de Wilde online on her official website, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

Stream and download ‘Rock, Plant & Animal’ here.

Bloom de Wilde - Rock, Plant & Animal

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