ARI Releases New Single ‘Cold War’

Singer-songwriter ARI has dropped her most recent single ‘Cold War’. Alongside the release, she’s also treated us to a music video that can be watched here. ‘Cold War’ is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

The single has a very personal meaning. ARI uses her musical talent to explain her struggle between her personal and musical identity. The Toronto born singer discusses how she’s torn between her home life and her new life as a musician in the states. She performs her issues so beautifully that you can feel exactly what she is describing.

In the music video, we see ARI depicting these thoughts. She’s sat in between two scenes which represent her two contrasting worlds. ‘Cold War’ is truly a powerful single that demonstrates a vulnerable issue. ARI has a way of creatively sharing her deepest thoughts with the catchiest anthems.

Her debut hit ‘Nothing but a Monster’ has already surpassed 500 thousand streams and she is set to release her brand-new EP titled ‘IDIOTGRL’ in July. Make sure you stream ‘Cold War’ and let ARI know what you think by following her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates about future releases. We’ll look forward to seeing what else she has in store for us!

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