Bloom de Wilde Lures Listeners With New Single ‘Soul Siren’ Ahead Of Solo Album

Bloom de Wilde, best known as the vocalist for Sam And The Womp, has finally stepped out on her own to release a solo album. First track is the beguiling ‘Soul Siren’, which is available on all platforms from today.

Accompanied by a brightly coloured and quirky video – Bloom is an artist after all, and studied at Central St Martins – ‘Soul Siren’ is lush with rich instrumentation and de Wilde’s ethereal vocals lure all to their musical fate…and we follow willingly.

The video, which seems to be shot in Bloom’s house, taking in the bedroom and the kitchen, is fun and frivolous, and appears to draw inspiration from the likes of Björk in its synaesthetic approach, blending music and visual media so as to render them inseparable. Bloom opens the fridge to get milk for her breakfast, and instead finds books; she cracks open an egg, and a cat emerges. A box appears when she once again opens the fridge, but instead of containing cereal, it’s filled with felt shapes. Open the fridge again, and a spectral Bloom emerges, wanting to play…and play she does. Bloom’s doppelgänger eats paper, fruit, a daffodil, a piece of toast “spread” with felt shapes, and finally a bowl. All average occurrences in Bloom de Wilde’s life we’re sure!

Bloom describes ‘Soul Siren’ as a “love letter to the universe”, with its conception happening at a live gig as a spontaneous improvisation, coming out of the flow of creative revelation. Thankfully it had been recorded, so Bloom continued to work on and develop it: while doing the dishes (not eating them); while walking in the woods with her child; while on the way to gigs. Once it was ready, she recorded it live, with vocals, drums, and Rhodes. She then thought to add more instruments – the ever present trumpets, kora, “singing cats, and trees whispering their joyful secrets”, which said,

Here we are and we and everything in this world has a Soul and you are our Soul Siren.

What else could she do but comply?

London-based Bloom de Wilde is an artist, singer-songwriter, and producer. Her upcoming album, ‘Kaleidophone’, is,

A colourful constellation of songs channelled straight from the Universe. With dreamlike, Surrealist lyrics and mesmerising undulating melodies, she brings to life a playful world of imaginative revelations.

‘Soul Siren’ is out today and available to stream and download here.

You can find Bloom de Wilde online on her official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

Bloom de Wilde - Soul Siren

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